• engineer is developing a new dc water pump

    Ever-Developing Noise-Controlling Technology

    Noise management for water pumps has been a great challenge for most manufacturers, as pumps generally tend to produce a substantial amount of noise that could affect performance.

    BLDC’s dedicated R&D team is consistently researching and working to develop improved machinery to control and minimize the noise levels of our pumps.

    Thanks to this dedication, our pumps have low noise features that make them better options than competitors, dropping noise levels from 40db to 30db.

  • designers are discussing the layout and function of dc water pump

    Upgrade Our Product Part By Part

    As we continually pursue to provide the best and finest water pumps to our clients, we actively seek to upgrade our products in every way possible.

    From temperature control and water flow to service life and noise control, our R&D team constantly develops upgrades that give a better quality of life and user experience improvements.

    With each upgrade, we draw closer to a perfect product that our clients can truly rely on while raising the bar on product standards in the market.

  • PCB board of the bldc pump has passed serveal test inspections

    Six-Year Long for
    Developing A High-Performing Pump

    From the beginning, BLDC PUMP has aimed to provide the clients with amazing water pumps that show great improvement and innovation compared to its peers.

    Though it takes 6 years to make a pump of optimal performance, the pursuit of excellence has led to the development of several proprietary components that our products regularly use, including noise reduction and skimmer cleaning setups.

    Partner with us today and see how we can elevate your ideas and create profitability for you. Our pump with great recognition from customers over 30 countries will be your optimal choice.

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