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  • Advanced Technology

    Investing a significant amount of profit into research and development, BLDC tirelessly works to elevate the standards of the water pump industry.

  • Flexible Custom Plan

    Design, components and function modes customizable can complement each other and maintain efficient functions, meeting your unique design.

  • Individualized Service

    Each solution is tailor-made to ensure the pump functions according to proposed demands, with full pre-sales and after-sales support.

  • Customer-Focused Dedication

    BLDC offers in-stock or custom pumps the exact specifications, being upfront with clients and giving them all pertinent information to guide in manufacturing the water pumps they require.

  • Professionalism

    We ensure everything is properly communicated to everyone involved from start to finish, making sure no detail is missed in the shuffle and partnership is transparent and secured.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    We put the utmost value when providing a you-required solution, whether it may be materials, time or talent, in a cost-effective manner.


Your Professional Manufacturer in Wave Makers

Meant to aid in giving fishes with an ideal environment, wavemakers create artificial waves and water currents with varying sizes. Mimicking a natural marine environment, these machines are meant to improve water quality and assist proper waste disposal in the aquarium.

Being a trusted name in wavemaker manufacturing, BLDC offers a range of reliable and state-of-the-art wavemaker solutions that complement specific market needs. Trust our brand to provide you with wavemakers that surely match your requirements.

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