Circulation DC Water Pumps DC60-Series

Why Clients Prefer Circulation Pump From BLDC PUMP

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    Manufacturing improvements enable our pumps that emit little to no electromagnetic noise while running, going as low as 30db. With more stability and less vibration, quiet small water pumps help your products become more user-friendly to customers.

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    Our pumps have nozzles with adjustable angles that can help direct water direction and output. This allows the water pump to have stronger and stable water flow as needed, contributing to the increased effectiveness of your entire product.

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    Quality pump materials can withstand high temperatures and corrosion of whatever fluids, ensuring the smooth running of your products. Careful sealing on every part of our pump also eliminates any chances of leakage from within, ensuring safe usage.

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    Long Lifespan

    Brushless motors, along with using a zirconia-based ceramic shaft, greatly extends the durability and impact resistance. This brings our dc water pumps a service life up to 5 or 6 years, giving your products a reliable lifespan.

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    Flexible control and programming options are available, such as water flow control, depending on your product requirements for inner circulation. Multiple function choices and intelligent product operations help your equipment be more versatile.

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    Small dc water pumps from us are easy to install without the need for specialized tools or equipment. Maintenance of the pumps is also hassle-free, thanks to the durable and quality materials used on making them requiring minimal checkups.


Real Specification, Real Performance

Valid and accurate product specifications when looking for circulation water pumps for your products, as compatibility is the key to an efficient end-product.

BLDC understands this need, and provide the specific information about each of our water pumps, with each labeled with their exact performance specifications to aid in choosing the right match.

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