Circulation DC Water Pumps DC40-Series

Why Clients Prefer Circulation Pump From BLDC PUMP

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    Our protein skimmers use customized needle brushes to bring bubbles down silently, while patented air intake silencer has a spiral design that reduces bounds up to 90%. Its submerged DC water pump keeps noise to a minimum for smooth and silent cleaning.

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    Compared to our peers, our line of wave makers are compact and require less room to use without compromising the output. Despite its size, it can provide the same level of waves and cover large water surfaces for optimal performance.

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    Using proprietary designs and positioning, our protein skimmers are able to remove up to 90% of dissolved organics, proteins and food remain from the water. This keeps water cleaner and reduces risks of nitrate buildup, ensuring a conducive environment for fish and coral growth.

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    Our aquarium protein skimmers use compartments that are made with water-resistant transparent plastic materials. Not only do these components help monitor the waste management progress, they are easy to install, clean and maintain.

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    Carefully-chosen materials and meticulous processing by our R&D team have resulted in a durable and long-lasting product. Housing our proprietary DC water pump in its core, our aquarium skimmer is built to withstand continuous use and has an extended service life

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    To assist in providing optimized skimming and cleaning, our aquarium protein skimmers are equipped with intelligent controllers developed and manufactured in-house. These have several gear selections that can adjust the flow and the volume of water going through the system


Real Specification, Real Performance

Valid and accurate product specifications when looking for circulation water pumps for your products, as compatibility is the key to an efficient end-product.

BLDC understands this need, and provide the specific information about each of our water pumps, with each labeled with their exact performance specifications to aid in choosing the right match.

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