Aquarium Protein Skimmers

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  • Advanced Technology

    Investing a significant amount of profit into research and development, BLDC tirelessly works to elevate the standards of the water pump industry.

  • Flexible Custom Plan

    Design, components and function modes customizable can complement each other and maintain efficient functions, meeting your unique design.

  • Individualized Service

    Each solution is tailor-made to ensure the pump functions according to proposed demands, with full pre-sales and after-sales support.

  • Customer-Focused Dedication

    BLDC offers in-stock or custom pumps the exact specifications, being upfront with clients and giving them all pertinent information to guide in manufacturing the water pumps they require.

  • Professionalism

    We ensure everything is properly communicated to everyone involved from start to finish, making sure no detail is missed in the shuffle and partnership is transparent and secured.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    We put the utmost value when providing a you-required solution, whether it may be materials, time or talent, in a cost-effective manner.


Your Professional Manufacturer in Protein Skimmers

An essential part of maintaining a proper aquarium, protein skimmers keep nitrate levels low by removing organic waste and breaking them down. Choosing the right skimmer is important, as efficient waste management in an aquarium results in a healthy environment for growth.

With years of experience in professionally manufacturing protein skimmers, BLDC has the right materials, tools, and knowledge to create ideal skimmers to suit your needs. Safe and easy to use, our REEF series of protein skimmers are built to last.

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