Our Story

a group of technicans are processing the coil winding machine for making brushless dc water pump

Specializing in DC Water Pumps for 20 Years

BLDC Pump is a professional water pump manufacturer that focuses on brushless magnetic drive pump, with a full pump line including Circulation DC Water Pumps,Aquarium DC Water Pumps,Wave Makers,Aquarium Protein Skimmers. Based in Shenzhen, China, we create DC pumps that are crafted to endure long hours of operation and continuous exposure to water and heat.

Our products specialize in use for different industries, including office machines, automobiles, aquariums, and more. OEM and custom options are available for customers along with quick and easy delivery.

BLDCPUMP--Zero to One

The achievement of BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd. today resulted from the unremitting efforts of our leaders, namely Jarred, Kevin, and Ewen.

Majored in mechatronic engineering during college, all of them have been passionate about developing electronic devices. Inspired by their teacher, they got to know the field of the small water pump and became devoted to it.

After they learned all types of small pumps in the market, they originated a new type of small water pump based on the optimization of other ones, driven by brushless motor and magnetic, with high efficiency, durability and nearly-zero noise.

Meet Our Management Team

Jarred Co-Founder / CEO & Sales
Kevin Co-Founder / Marketing
Journey Co-Founder / R&D

Continuous Innovation For World-Class Quality

The cornerstone of BLDC PUMP

From designing, research, and material selection, down to manufacturing and upgrades, we drive to innovate and improve our products constantly.

After thousands of times of product upgrade, today our clients are guaranteed to get high-quality dc water pumps that surely exceed expectations. Significant pump improvements include but not limited to

  • noise management system
  • micro circuit system
  • protein skimmer technology
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BLDC PUMP ’s Mission

"To high-performing brushless magnetic drive water pump and one-stop custom service in the small water pump industry."

Why Tens of Thousands of Clients Trust Us

With numerous parts of our products utilize proprietary information for efficient functioning; our clients get nothing but the best from our facility.

Competitive engineering team and strong prodcution capacity enables BLDC PUMP to provide clients with full service of unbeatable advantages.

  • Professional & technical-oriented consultation
  • Ever-developed customer-required performance
  • Timely-checked production production progress
  • Complete after-sales service
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a map about the markets that BLDC PUMP has opened worldwide

Seeing Far Beyond DC Water Pump

Since the company’s inception in 2003, BLDC PUMP has dominated the local market, providing pumps to least a quarter of the local population.

Over the past years, our water parts exported to more than a hundred countries globally and targeting different markets, with reach corsses borders like Australia, UK, and the US markets.

BLDC PUMP is dedicated to be an innovator and industry leader in developing features that greatly improve on customer-required performance.

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