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Unbeatable Manufacturing Capability

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In-House Streamlined Pump Production

With years of experience backing up our team, our facility can manufacture a large number of water pumps within a strict production cycle. We have over a hundred team members, we use updated manufacturing equipment, and we harness the latest production skills for optimal production and development of water pumps.

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    Raw Material Inspection
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    Mold Making
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    Coil Winding
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    Wire Welding
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    Part Assembling
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    Performance Testing
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    Epoxy Pouring
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Our Certificate

A Series of Finished Product Tests

Product quality defines the durability, reliability and overall function of the water pump, and the quality it has helps dictate the capabilities of the products.
Every step of the manufacturing process, from material procurement to creation and assembly, is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality standards are met.
We also do an intensive quality check before products leave the facility, allowing us to verify and secure these products.

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    Noise Test
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    Temperature Test
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    Air Tightness Test
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    Aging Test
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    Salt Spray Test
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    On-Off Test

Integrated Quality Management System Required

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  • Strict supplier-selecting system

    All BLDC-qualified material suppliers have been identified and confirmed as the enterprise with certification and material reports.

  • Full written procedure policies

    Individualized paper-piece instructions about multi-layered production, from start to completion, are essential to providing superb quality.

  • 5S manufacturing methodology

    Each workshop is allocated its task, the products are well-assorted in our factory, and everything is well organized for standardized production management.

  • Timely inspection of products

    13 testing machines assist in the unique inspection which is performed every two hours during the production and which all the pumps must undergo.

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