Our Advantages

  • Professional Consultation

    professional technician is developing the PCB board to help clients solve their problems
    • Highly-Educated pump experts

    • 24/7 at your service online

    BLDC provides clients with access to expert consultants that are well-versed with the products and services we offer to the industry.

    A crucial first step of the process, they provide you with all the right information and specifications you may need to complete an upcoming project.

    We also answer questions you may have before finalizing details and pushing into production.

  • Customer-Required Performance

    sketches of bldc pump design
    • Skilled design & engineering team with over 10 years of experience

    • Offer free design sketch help you ensure pump dimension

    Different clients require different pumps that have unique performance specifications for their project.

    BLDC provides OEM customization options for various parts of the pumps, including water speed, flow, voltage, and parts, among others.

    Our design team makes sure that our pumps suit your specific requirements so we can improve your products and boost your business.

  • Fast Sampling

    people is packaging the dc water pump
    • Certification compliant pump materials

    • Deliver a sample as fast as 14 days

    Focusing on providing the right solutions to customer problems, we deliver product samples a few days after the design is completed.

    With access to global dropshipping points, we are able to send you these samples with relative ease, giving ample time for testing and checking to ensure we give you appropriate solutions.

  • Complete After-Sales Services

    full pump replacement parts
    • Available in-stock pump parts

    • Technicians with 10 years of experience

    Our commitment to excellence and service does not end with product delivery, as our pumps and parts are covered by a specific warranty period ranging from 1 to 5 years.

    Our support team is ready to answer questions within 24 hours, while replacements for quality issues are covered by the warranty and are replaced free of charge.

Your Reliable Pump Partner for Inner Circualtion

  • In choosing the right pump

    Contact our helpful support staff to assist you in understanding what kind of pump you may need for a specific project.

  • In picking pump of your need

    Using your product specifications, our pump selector​ is able to locate the right match within our in-stock pumps and parts.

  • In customizing pump

    Let our team of experts guide you through our customization options​ so we can achieve the exact product specifications that you need for your project.

  • In devloping pump

    We have a dedicated production team that can produce pumps with you-required performance regardless of costs and time. Strong production capacity ​enables us to meet the precise needs of OEM customers

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