OEM Solution

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  • Specification Review

    Once we receive your specification request, our team carefully goes through it and reviews how we can meet your needs.

  • Selection and Proposal

    Based on the results of the review, we will provide options to suit the specifications, and provide proposals along with the selection.

  • Sampling

    Once an agreement has been made, a sample will be sent to you so you can check how the product matches your demands.

  • Production Approval

    After getting your approval based on the sample we send, production goes into full swing and we build the pumps based on the agreed specification.

Flexible OEM Solution

  • an icon about water flow

    Various flow options available depends on your specification, with control systems used to manage the acceleration and level of water flow going through the pump.

  • an icon about head pressure
    Head( Pressure)

    Heads dictate the amount of water pressure that the pump can handle. The lift is dependent on the pump head and rotating speed setup on the pump.

  • an icon about pump accessories
    Pump Accessories

    Accentuate your water pump with accessories that improve specific areas of the system. Whatever is needed to fulfill your specifications, we have them ready for setup.

  • an icon about cable length
    Cable Length

    Submersible to insulated cables is available for installation on your water pump. Well-defined cable lengths provide you with more room to set up the pumps.

  • an icon about plug types
    Plug Types

    Get the right power plugs installed on your water pumps that complement commonly used plugs in the desired target market.

  • an icon about pump design
    Pump Design

    Customize the design and details the water pump will have thanks to our skilled R&D team that can adapt designs into functional models.

  • an icon about power supply
    Power Supply

    Right power supply that will generate the required energy to power up the water pump system, and save your electricity costs.

  • an icon about pump accessories
    Pump Function

    From the power system to protect from the elements, we can adjust them to reflect your idea for the product and better serve your equipment or project.

  • an icon about packaging option
    Packaging Options

    We can provide the optimal packaging of your water pumps to avoid damage during transit or delivery. Proper packaging also helps with brand recognition and identity.

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Customize Your Pump