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For the last few years, the brushless DC water pump has been a cost-effective pumping solution for the vehicle industry. Its incredible flow rate provides superior cooling to various systems, such as New Energy Vehicles (NEV).

While many pumps use too much power and can’t fit into most systems, our pump solves the issue by being more energy efficient in controlling the temperature of NEVs, which is suitable for high-power battery systems.

Having built business relationships with 400+ manufacturers, we keep on researching and developing pumps that elevate any automotive company’s brand because of its reliable performance and lifespan.

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Engineers from automotive industry sectors utilize our equipment. We designed a small water pump to synchronize its operating condition accurately with the NEV combustion engine while the vehicle is running. Our pumps are used in the applications including but not limited to:

  • Hydronic Heating and Cooling
  • Truck
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Public Transit
  • Hybrid cars
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles
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BLDC PUMP's aquarium water pump is fitering in the tank

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What makes BLDC stand out among other automotive electric water pump manufacturers? Our extensive knowledge in the NEV industry ensures our equipment can pump coolants, antifreeze, and other mediums efficiently for various vehicles.

Preserving the vehicle’s operating lifespan and optimizing energy consumption, our pump can be customizable thanks to the strong production capacity and R&D ability of our factory.

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