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Our DC pumps are important for maintaining the temperature of various industrial equipment such as laser cutters. With the MCU system, our pumps are specifically programmed to accomplish any task you require.

Cut costs down with the power efficiency of our DC brush pumps that accurately create the right pressure for any needs of the machines without wasting energy. The installation of our pumps to most kinds of industrial equipment is a pleasant experience because of its compact size.

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Our engineers and our full ODM/OEM services ensure our pumps work efficiently with your industrial machine. Our pumps have multiple applications, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial Machines
  • Server & Electronics Manufacturing
  • Laser Machines
  • Microchip Manufacturing
  • Metal Pickling
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BLDC PUMP's aquarium water pump is fitering in the tank

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Thanks to implementing a wide range of tests on the finished equipment, BLDC is an ISO9000 certified DC pump manufacturer. The tests ensure our pumps meet your strict performance and lifespan expectations.

The durability, resiliency, and reliable performance of our brushless DC water pumps allow you to satisfy any equipment requirements for your business.

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