The Originator of the Small Direct Current Water Pump

Thanks to wide applications and numerous pump features, the pump is called different names, like brushless direct current water pump, magnetic drive pump, small water pump, and many more.

As the creator of the small magnetic drive pump, BLDC PUMP provides the best water pumps that come with adaptable and customizable options to suit every need. Along with numerous innovations in cutting-edge pumping technology, we have the experience and resources to make the perfect pumps that will exceed your expectations.

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Catch A Sight of Our Factory

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Why Choose Brushless Direct Current Water Pump

  • Long Lifespan

    By transitioning to brushless motors and magnetic drives, our pumps are able to have a long service life to reduce the risks that may arise from wear and tear as well as the risks that may arise from sparks, while being more environment-friendly by avoiding carbon brush dust pollution.

  • Small Size

    Compared to AC pumps, the brushless DC water pumps from BLDC are smaller in size and take up less floor space. The compact nature of our pumps allows for diverse layout designs and more options to configuring their machinery for optimal output.

  • High-Performing Efficiency

    By using premium materials and combining different features, our water pumps function at a higher standard than others. Our pumps produce a larger flow and a higher lift compared to similar products, giving our clients more value with every unit.

  • Low Voltage

    Our brushless water pumps typically have lower voltage requirements than other similar pumps, providing a distinct advantage over the competition. Ranging from 12v to 36v, the low-voltage feature makes them safer to use and can reduce high power costs.

  • Direct Current

    Complementing its small-scale design, our brushless water pump utilizes DC electricity as its power source for easy and fast electrical output. DC electricity is easier to store than AC electricity, making it a more reliable energy source for our products.

  • You-Required Components

    Each component of our water pumps can be customized, allowing for a flexible setup in each unit. Also, parts are being constantly upgraded by our dedicated research team, which allows for our clients to get improved products for optimized functionality.

How Does BLDC Water Pump Work?

What Do Our Clients Say

    • Steven Purchasing Manager

      Recently, we had a project that needed water pumps for the circulation system. BLDC Pumps gave us the best service experiences we have, offering pumps that will work best with our intended use. They also offered customization options to match our needs. It is always a pleasure to work with BLDC.

    • John H. Purchasing Manager

      BLDC is not only a water pump manufacturer, they also provide solutions for improvement. They give valuable suggestions about choosing the right pumps to save time and increase profit. If you are unsure about what pump to use for your project, they are always available to answer questions like this and more.

    • Nick Sales Manager

      As a water pump distributor, I am always happy to sell BLDC products to my customers. Their delivery service is superfast, even including my custom labels on each package. I have experienced a 300% increase in profit since partnering with BLDC. They are an ideal partner in selling and distributing water pumps.

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